Josh Gattis Has To Do Something With The Michigan Wolverines Football Team On Offense.

I want to see Josh Gattis get something special coming for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team on Offense for the next 7 games coming in Ann Arbor.

1. Get explosive plays from the WR’s.

2. Speed In Space needs to come for now. Start throwing the Football a lot more.

3. Need to play Joe Milton at QB. He is perfect for Josh Gattis Offense.

4. Get better Offensive Line play for the rest of the season.

5. Cut down on the turnovers & penalty’s. Hurts your play calling doing both of them.

6. Score points in bunches.

7. Need to do more RPO’s in this scheme as well too.

Those are 7 things Michigan Wolverines Football Team on Offense has to do for Josh Gattis in the 7 games we got on our schedule in 2019.

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