Kate Clancy Is A Very Good Athlete In The Class Of 2022 For The Bad Axe Hatchets.

Kate Clancy is a very good 2-sport athlete for the Class of 2022 for the Bad Axe Hatchets. I saw her play Volleyball twice this past season against the Reese Rockets in GTCW Division at Reese HS. USA Patriots in the Division 3 District Championship Game at Lakers HS. Showing me good impression in Volleyball for Head Coach Christine Kaczuk as a Junior. She can do it all on the Volleyball Court & brings in that versatility in this sport. She played this past fall. Good leaper & quickness. Has good smart ideas of things she can do on the Volleyball Team. Her skill sets are incredible. Good mindset she can do & can’t do out there anyways. Not very tall. She can do a lot of good things in Volleyball. Christine Kaczuk is blessed to have her on the team in once again in 2021 for the Bad Axe Hatchets Volleyball Team. Become her senior leader this coming fall. Looking forward to watching her play as well too. I was impressed with her in Basketball as well too. Brings the same stuff from Volleyball to Basketball. Head Coach Kurt Dennis is blessed to her on the squad as well too. Won the 2020 Division 3 District Title a year ago at home against the Cass City Red Hawks on March 6th, 2020. Won there 1st District Title in 40 years. Saw her play against the Cass City Red Hawks on Monday Night at Cass City HS in a 49-45 win in GTCW Division Play on the road. Stole a road victory over the Cass City Red Hawks. Good versatility & speed on the Basketball Court as well too. Her Brother Jack Clancy is a stud Football Player in his days for the Bad Axe Hatchets for Head Coach Kelly Durr in the last 2 years on Varsity. Couldn’t play College Football at all at Albion. Instead he decided to go to Delta College in Saginaw. Don’t know what the detail was. With the COVID-19 that is going on now still in the Whole World we live in now. Jack was a good Basketball Player as well for Head Coach Mark Krug on Varsity in the last 2 years. Best sport was Football. Football was Jack Clancy best one indeed. Clancy’s are good athletes. There parents raise them up very well while they where young. Teach them good stuff & follow the rules & have good grades in school to play sports period. Kate is a good 2-sport athlete. Showing me good impression at both anyways. Good mindsets & ideas how to make things interesting for everyone else for the Bad Axe Hatchets……. Keep up the good work & everything will go into one piece of the puzzle for your Senior Year in High School this coming fall. Basketball she is focusing on now. Doing very well with that department. Keeping striving yourself the best you can do at all-times now.

Go Bad Axe Hatchets Class Of 2022 Kate Clancy. Enjoy Watching You Play Both Sports This Season……. Looking Forward To Watching You Play This Coming Fall In Volleyball………..

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