Lexi Boyke & The Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Team On Defense Carried The Load To A Victory At Frankenmuth HS On Friday Night.

Lexi Boyke lead the way for the Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Team on Friday Night in a big TVCE Division Showdown against the Bay City John Glenn Bobcats at Frankenmuth HS. They beat them the 1st time around in 2OT 53-50 at Bay City John Glenn HS 2 weeks ago. They got the share of the TVCE Division Crown this week. Outright will be there for sure at Frankenmuth in 2021 next week. Last time they won the outright title was in 2016-17 campaign with Head Coach Tom Keller 4 years ago. Resign a year ago in the off-season as Head Coach. So did all of his assistants too. Head Coach Joe Jacobs has done a remarkable job with this squad in 2021. Got hired in the Summer of 2020 for the Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Team & Program. It was a good hire indeed. Hired new assistants on staff now. It has paid dividends already now at Frankenmuth. 13-0 on the season. Didn’t shoot the Basketball very well in this contest. Defense led the way for them all night long. Defense wins games & championship games period. Also takes you a long ways away in the postseason. Joe Jacobs said that Bay City John Glenn was going to be a tough opponent for the Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Team in 2021. Said that one at the Golf Round in the NFL Opener on Sunday at the Fortress Golf Course in Frankenmuth. Did a good job on 2 1000 point scorers as well too in the victory at home on Friday Night. Held them to 25 points on the scoreboard. Freeland Falcons held them to 27 points in the lost earlier this week. They got 2 losses to one team in 2021 to the Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Team. Tom Keller won 248 games as Head Coach for the Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Team during this time there. Had a good run with them & now they got Joe Jacobs at the helm now as Head Coach. 1996 Frankenmuth HS Graduated. Nice core of Coaches now at Frankenmuth HS. Not satisfied with the season yet. Wanna keep improving as a unit each & every week. Go one day at a time. Stay focus on task & do the right things for everyone else at all-times period. Have a good mindset of things. Do the right things for everyone else at all-times. Be smart & decisive about things you need to do for everyone else. Be there for one another to the end. Keep on going for it more. Stride yourself to be the best you can be on & off the court. Stay focus on task. Believe in one another to go for it more.

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