Matt Manning Solid Outing In The Lost For The Detroit Tigers ⚾ Team At Comerica Park In Detroit.


Matt Manning solid outing for the Detroit Tigers ⚾ Team on Friday Night at Comerica Park in Detroit. Get a 1-0 lost to the Los Angeles Angels in this game. Don’t get no runs support for Matt in this game. It’s frustrating for him & everyone else on the Ball Club. Going 7 innings of work & lose a game for the home crowd. Sit out for a while with his injury he was dealing with early on in the 2022 season. Pitching Coach Chris Fetter & Manager AJ Hinch is glad to have him back in the starting rotation for this unit. Been solid in his last 2 outings he pitched in. Recovered very nicely with that injury. He was a full go now. Pitching with a lot of confidence. Injuries have bugged this roster all season long. Glad to have him back there anyways. Keep that trend going for the reminder of the 2022 season for the Detroit Tigers ⚾ Team on the mound.



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