Craig Counsell Has Done A Good Job As Manager For The Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Team.

Craig Counsell has done a good job as Manager for the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Team. Took over for Ken Roenicke after he was off to slow start of the season in 2015. Took over full time in 2016. Won a National League Central Division Crown in 2018. Off too a good start now in 2021. 1st Place in the National League Central Division once again. Knows a lot about Baseball. Played it & now Manager of this Organization now in Milwaukee. Played on 2 World Series Championship Teams as a Player scored the GW Run in both Game 7’s of the World Series on 2 different teams. 1st one was with the 1997 Florida Marlins against the Cleveland Indians at home. 2nd one was with the 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks at home too. Played for Jim Leyland in Florida & Bob Brenly in Arizona. Good Baseball Mindset he brings to the table now in Milwaukee. Good understanding of things he brings for the players he is got now. They bought into his system. Players know what Craig is talking about with them & giving them good instructions & having a good game plan as well too. Smart Baseball Guy all the way around. Seeing good results with this squad he is got now in 2021 for the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Team. Play in a tough National League Central Division in 2021. Gotta come ready to play & action is coming after you. Craig has good qualities & develop players in the right way. One reason why, they are in 1st Place in the National League Central Division right now. Going at it 110% at practices & games. Reach your potential & expectations need to be at all-times period. Craig Counsell is the right man for that job as Manager for the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Team. Credit Former Ken Roenicke & Front Office on giving him this job now in Milwaukee…..

Go Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Team Manager Craig Counsell……….

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